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Determinants of Continuance Intention (e-loyalty) for Online Flight Booking – The Case of Saudi Arabia

By Dr. Talal Almaghrabi (MarCom Academy)

Prof. Charles Dennis (Middlesex University)

Dr. Saleh Bukhari, Saudi Arabian Airlines

Dr. Abdullah Alghamdi, King Khalid University

Keywords: Continuance Online Shopping, E-Shopping, Internet Shopping, Male and Female Examination, Saudi Arabia, Technology Acceptance, Airlines, Academy of Marketing.



The Factors Driving Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia: Regional and Behavioural Differences among Women

By Dr. Talal Almaghrabi (MarCom Academy) Prof. Charles Dennis (Middlesex University)


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Driving online shopping: Spending and behavioral differences among women in Saudi Arabia

By Dr. Talal Almaghrabi (MarCom Academy)

Prof. Charles Dennis (Middlesex University)


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Creative Interpersonal Skills in the Field of Sports, Jeddah

Part of its strategy and to enhance Sport Marketing and Sport Knowledge, MarCom Academy and its partner FOOTY (sport experts in UK) is proud to join Tattweer the Sport Development Company and Sport Consultancy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in delivering a two days workshop entitled “Creative Interpersonal Skills in the Field of Sports“. Read more

MarCom Services

MarCom Academy Services


Whether you’re a Startup, Small Business, a Educational Institute, Sport Industry, or a Charity, good MARKETING KNOWLEDGE  is required to grow your business, acquire new customers, or retain and satisfy your customer to keep your business keep moving forward. In MarCom Academy, we work on careful integration of knowledge, creativity and insight to develop strategic marketing and communication plans that integrate our expertise, effective, and professional services. Click on the image below for full details. Read more

Gulf Education Scholarship Programme Conference London

London 25 Sep 2015

MarCom Academy is now the Media Partner for the Gulf Education Scholarship Program Conference that taking place in London between 16-17 November 2015.

Under the Gulf Education umbrella, Working in partner UKUD – International Educational Conference are launching this event in response to the fast-paced, and progressive changes being made by the GCC Ministries and leading employers across the region regarding scholarship and employment policies and opportunities as part of each country’s national workforce development programmes. Ensuring that each programme delivers the accurate requirement for each geographical area in terms of of qualified manpower and balanced development. Read more

Overseas football fans visiting Britain now at 800,000

_85454242_fans_gettyThe number of overseas fans visiting Britain to watch top-flight football rose to 800,000 in 2014 and brought in almost £700m, according to research.

Most fans came from the Republic of Ireland (121,000), with Norway (93,000), Sweden (58,000) and the United States (53,000) next.

Old Trafford and Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium were the most popular venues, both receiving 109,000 visits each.

Premier League chief Richard Scudamore said the rise was “very encouraging”.

However, football supporters groups said the figures, released by tourism body Visit Britain, underlined concerns they have about the make-up of fans in stadiums, ticket prices and club identity. Read more

Do you know where Is Your Club In Foreign Visitors?

London – By Mike McCarthy, North Of England Correspondent

Like here to watch the Sky TV Report

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.33.36 am

Some 800,000 overseas visitors went to a football match last year – up by 6% on 2010 – and usually spend more than other tourists.


A new study has found football is playing an increasing role in attracting overseas tourists to Britain. Read more

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