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MENA Business Knowledge & Cultural Insights

mena-understand MENA Business Knowledge & Cultural Insights

  • Understand and broaden your business and cultural knowledge
  • Audience and customer experience research
  • Workshop facilitation and training
  • Identify the communications channels that are right for you
  • Discover the behaviours of your audience base
  • Engage audiences with culture in new ways
  • Develop and implement multi-channel MarCom strategies
  • Translate raw data into insights for your marketing strategy and brand

Who MarCom Help

MarCom make a differenceWhether you’re a Startup, Small Business, a Educational Institute, Sport Industry, or a Charity, good MARKETING Knowledge is required to grow your business, acquire new customers, or retain and statisy your customer to keep your business keep moving forward.

MarCom can help your business to develop or improve its marketing strategy and ensure its growth. MarCom services are all based around your business need; MarCom experts will listen to you, work to understand your business and help you get the best of your investment to compete in strong market. Read more

Social Media Strategy

social-media Social Media Strategy:

  • Develop a social strategy with upon your end goals.
  • Help your brand to improve its presence or generate interest in a new product/market.
  • Help you identify industry influencers and future brand advocates to build a passionate fan base that is active and regularly shares your content across their circles of friends.
  • Social media reporting to help identify and inform future activity in your social circles as well as across all marketing channels.
  • Bridge the gap between offline and online content.


Sport Marketing

Footy UK


Sport Marketing:

  • Sport Marketing Strategy.
  • Sport Loyalty Programs.
  • Sport Digital Media.
  • Sport Branding and Strategy.
  • Player Personal Branding.
  • Sport and Player Agent.
  • Sport Network.
  • Club Sourcing and Investment Consultancy.
  • Match Organisation.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Training and Consulting.


Marketing Communication and Market Segmentation

Marketing Communication and Market Segmentation:

  • Enabled clients to reach millions of households
  • Produces reports and recommendations concerning marketing and sales strategies
  • Conceives advertising campaign to impart the desired product image in an effective and economical way

Creative Communication and Media Design

creative_communication Creative Communications and Media (Graphics) Design:

  • Out of the box thinking and new ideas emerge
  • Examines and analyses sales figures and prepares proposals for marketing campaigns and promotional activities
  • Liaises with client to discuss product/service to be marketed, defines target group and assesses the suitability of various media
  • Brilliant designers, out of the box ideas

Research & Development

Research & Development:

  • Market research
  • Understanding the consumer behaviour and marketing trends
  • Collects, analyzes and understands business data and consumer needs

Marketing Data Analysis

Data Analysis and Management:

  • The best analytical thinkers
  • Discusses client’s requirements, plans surveys and analyses customers reactions to product, packaging, price.
  • Reviews and revises campaign in light of sales figures, surveys.


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