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Prof. Chiara Mauri is a member of MarCom and IJMMA Advisory and Editorial Board


The Marketing and Communication Academy (MarCom Academy) is proud to announce the joining of Prof. Chiara Mauri as a member of the Advisory Board, Consultant and member of the IJMMA Editorial BoardProf. Chiara Mauri is a Full Professor of Marketing and the head of the Department of Economics and Political Sciences at the della Valle d’Aosta University (Italy) and Contract Professor at Bocconi University. She is member of the editorial Board of IJMMA. She teaches Brand Management in the Executive Master in Marketing & Sales programme and is former emms Academic Director on the SDA side. She holds a Degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University. Her interest areas are Retail Management: category management, assortment management, loyalty cards, loyalty networks, new distribution channels and Marketing: sales promotion, kids’ marketing, consumer shopping behavior, Markeing in SMEs.

MarCom Recognition

Marketing and Communication Academy (MarCom Academy) has received all required legalization documents to be recognized by United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Arab British Chamber of Commerce, and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London. As an authorized UK organization, MarCom is expanding its partnership with leading businesses and associations in the Europe, Arab World in general and GCC and Saudi Arabia in particular.

Risk and vulnerability in the global food system and implications for Saudi Arabia

Dr. Talal Almaghrabi, Director of the Saudi British Marketing and Management Association and CEO of Marketing and Communication Academy (MarCom), has been invited to participate in a roundtable meeting on “Risk and vulnerability in the global food system and implications for Saudi Arabia”. The meeting will take place at Chatham House in London on Monday 29th April. Read more

Is the Start-Up Craze Ruining the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the Middle East?








By Tatjana de Kerros



A prolific academic once wrote “Getting economic growth and jobs creation from entrepreneurs is not a numbers game. It is about encouraging the formation of high quality, high-growth companies. Policy makers should stop subsidizing the formation of the typical start-up and focus on the subset of businesses with growth potential[1]”. Read more

Solar Energy in GCC Construction

Solar Energy and GCC Countries – September 2012

Download the Report

From promoting entrepreneurship to creating entrepreneurs: A case study of #SWRiyadh

By Tatjana de Kerros






An entrepreneurial leap-of-faith in 54 hours?

Riyadh Startup Weekend has completed with a bang: 40 teams, 16 finalists and one winner over the course of an intense and highly active weekend for nascent entrepreneurs in the Kingdom. Powering the footsteps of the Kauffman Foundation’s original Startup Weekend concept of “No Talk, All Action: Launch a start-up in 54 hours”, this program has now been diffused in 100 countries with over 400 events organized across 200 cities. Read more

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