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Eng. Eshky and MarCom at World Muslimah Forum 2014

fareed lon(London, Nov 14, 2014) For the second time, Eng. Fareed Eshky, UK Marketing and Communication Academy (MarCom) Manager for the Far-East, is invited you to the “World Muslimah Forum 2014” scheduled at 19 November 2014 which will be held at Grand Ballroom East Parc Hotel, Yogyakarta, Central Java Indonesia. The Forum seeks to give voice to leading women and men to share the views & topics to bring more understanding how to redefining the key role model of women in Muslimah (Muslim women)’s perspective. It aims to highlight practical actions & projects that range from women’s social business entrepreneurship & youth movement through education, social culture, Islamic parenting & family affairs and better representation of Muslim women in the media. Read more

Branding and Marketing Saudi Arabia as Scientific and Research Destination-

By Dr. Talal Almaghrabi





Full Paper Version

Ahlan Wasahlan Version


**You can read the article on iPad with Ahlan Wasahlan from the App store or from Saudi Airlines site


For any destination to operate as a solid, sustainable tourism economy the fundamentals of good business practice must be in place. Critical is consistency of supply and demand. In the case of tourism sector this requires creating a 360 degrees destination proposition which offers a year-round experience, thereby creating year-round visitation. Read more

Chatamhouse Report on Global Food Insecurity and Implications for Saudi Arabia


Chatham House

On 29 April 2013, the Chatham House Energy, Environment and Resources department convened a meeting on “Global Food Insecurity and Implications for Saudi Arabia”. The high-level workshop comprised around 25 people, drawn from Saudi and GCC policy experts, regional banks, private sector actors and government policy leads. The aims of the meeting were threefold:

1) to identify some of the challenges and opportunities in key food-exporting countries and the implications for international food security;

2) to assess Saudi Arabia’s food security position; and

3) to discuss possible policy options and tools to enhance food security in Saudi Arabia.

The discussion was wide-ranging and constructive. In general, there was good consensus. Click Global Food Insecurity and Implications for Saudi Arabia Summary to download the initial report or visit Chathamhouse publication center to download it.


The Economics of Hajj










Hajj, one pillar of Islam, is one of five obligatory fundamental Muslim practices. It is incumbent upon every Muslim to make the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca at least once in their lifetime, it they can afford to and are healthy enough to travel and perform the rituals.

The word ‘afford’ is of prime importance – because the annual pilgrimage is of considerable expense. On average, it costs USD 6,000 (£3,700) for an individual to make the annual pilgrimage. Read more

MarCom Recognition

Marketing and Communication Academy (MarCom Academy) has received all required legalization documents to be recognized by United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Arab British Chamber of Commerce, and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London. As an authorized UK organization, MarCom is expanding its partnership with leading businesses and associations in the Europe, Arab World in general and GCC and Saudi Arabia in particular.

4th International Colloquium on Place Brand Management: Strategic Marketing of Cities Regions and Nations

Lincoln Brunel

After the conference success in UK, the founders of the conference, Prof. Charles Dennis (Professor of Marketing and MarCom Academy Advisory Board Director) and Prof. T C Melewar (Professor of Branding and Marketing at Brunel University and member of MarCom Advisory Board) SBMMA is taking the 4th International Colloquium on Place Brand Management: Strategic Marketing of Cities Regions and Nations to Italy. Read more

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