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Determinants of Continuance Intention (e-loyalty) for Online Flight Booking – The Case of Saudi Arabia

By Dr. Talal Almaghrabi (MarCom Academy)

Prof. Charles Dennis (Middlesex University)

Dr. Saleh Bukhari, Saudi Arabian Airlines

Dr. Abdullah Alghamdi, King Khalid University

Keywords: Continuance Online Shopping, E-Shopping, Internet Shopping, Male and Female Examination, Saudi Arabia, Technology Acceptance, Airlines, Academy of Marketing.



طيران الإتحاد والرعاية الرياضية في السعودية

د. طلال المغربي – لندن


نجح نادي الإتحاد في توقيع عقود رعايات مختلفه لفريق كرة القدم ومنها توقيع مع طيران الإتحاد كناقل رسمي لنادي الاتحاد السعودي.


بعد منح رخصتي طيران للخطوط القطرية وطيران الخليج للعمل كطيران داخلي بين مطارات السعودية وزيادة حصتها المتوقعه للرحلات الدولية من السوق السعودي مع الإعلانات لعلامتها التجارية، يعتبر توقيع طيران الإتحاد Etihad Airlines مع نادي الاتحاد في جدة بوابة الحرمين خطوة استراتيجية نحو ضمان وزيادة حصتها في السوق السعودي من خلال الرحلات الدولية لمختلف دول العالم بدخولها الرعايات الرياضية. 

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Branding and Marketing Saudi Arabia as Scientific and Research Destination-

By Dr. Talal Almaghrabi





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For any destination to operate as a solid, sustainable tourism economy the fundamentals of good business practice must be in place. Critical is consistency of supply and demand. In the case of tourism sector this requires creating a 360 degrees destination proposition which offers a year-round experience, thereby creating year-round visitation. Read more

What drives Consumers’ Continuance Intention to e-Shopping?: Conceptual Framework and Managerial Implications in the Case of Saudi Arabia

This paper is “Highly Commended Award Winner” at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2012,as it was one of the most impressive pieces of work the team has seen throughout 2011

By Dr. Talal Almaghrabi (MarCom Academy)

Prof. Charles Dennis (University of Lincoln)


Purpose – The purpose of this study is to propose a model of e-shopping continuance intentions that incorporates the revised technology acceptance model and expectation confirmation theory and evaluates the expanded model in a new context: Saudi Arabia. Read more


By Dr. Talal Almaghrabi (MarCom Academy)

Prof. Charles Dennis (University of Lincoln)

Prof. Sue Vaux Halliday


Due to the internet and E-commerce booming, many airline companies are attempting to stimulate customers to shift from traditional distribution channels to online channels. Therefore, Web site quality, trust, usefulness, enjoyment and social pressure are now considered a critical factor in attracting customers’ attention and build loyalty. This paper proposes factors that Drives consumers’ continuance e-loyalty Intention to Online Airlines Web Site. Perceived usefulness, enjoyment, social pressure, and loyalty incentives are determinants of online flight booking continuance in Saudi Arabia. Finally, conclusions and implications derived from this study are presented. This paper would be of a great help when Airlines’ websites need to be developed or evaluated. Read more

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