photo 2(London, 4 Feb, 2015) A delegate from the Saudi-British Marketing and Management Association in London headed by Dr. Talal Almaghrabi, SBMMA Chairman, and Dr. Hassan Almahdi, Jazan University in Saudi Arabia, has visited one of the world leading educational institute, University of Cambridge  in UK. The team meet with members of Cambridge Enterprise (Brian Corbett – Technology Consultant), (Shirley Jamieson – Head of Marketing), and (Dr. Paul Seabright – Head of Consultancy Services). The meeting discussion focused on the expertise and experience of Cambridge Enterprise on Knowledge Transfer, Incubators, Science Parks, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Hassan Almahdi, Jazan University, showed his interest on further collaborations with Cambridge Enterprise on different expertise of Knowledge Transfer helping Jazan Business School and Entrepreneurship department to move ahead up-scaling Jazan community economy with a competitive advantage and international expertise.

During the visit, SBMMA delegate has the chance to visit the Idea Space Centre, where new startups get the space to manage their companies and share experiences with other Entrepreneurs. Additionally, the delegate visited the city centre and had a chance to see part of old building of Kings College, which celebrating its 500 years anniversary.

Today, business and science are primarily international in nature, and the enrichment of business and science requires close collaboration among scholars and scientists throughout different countries. UK, known as a world leader in higher education and scientific research, and Saudi Arabia, a rapidly growing and influential country with a young population and huge investment in research and higher education, offer unique opportunities for business, scientific and educational cooperation. MarCom,s goal, in Affiliation with SBMMA, is to promote such cooperation between the two countries through Knowledge Transfer, Business Opportunities, Networking, Research Collaborations, Workshops, Conferences, Academic Publication with IJMMA, and Annual Awards.

SBMMA and MarCom visit to Cambridge Enterprise UK