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MarCom Academy has recently signed an agreement with Enetpulse to act as its partner in MENA (Middle East and North Africa). Enetpulse is a leading supplier of live sports resulting data and statistics. Enetpulse monitor thousands of sporting events around the world and deliver timely, reliable information to clients via XML feeds and hosted front-end solutions. Read more

REFA Football Academy in Spain

MarCom Academy delighted to have signed an exclusive agreement with MGC Sports and REFA to offer you a unique opportunity to experience elite player development programmes in one of Spain best sport academy.

Many players dream of playing football at the highest levels, however, rarely get the real opportunity of doing it. REFA will give you that opportunity in a unique programme in one of the most famous footballing cities in Europe,Valencia.

With two famous “La Liga” clubs, Valencia CF and UD Levante in the same city and two more, Villarreal CF and Elche CF in the Valencia Province, it makes it the ideal location to consolidate your goal.

REFA manages and organises sports activities and events, with extensive experience in all 5 continents worldwide in this very competitive sector. Proposing dynamic and attractive programmes, based mainly on our speciality; football, with its maximum social impact, in today’s world. Spanish football is at the top of the world ranking, with its international and club achievements over the past years including World Cup success and the two biggest clubs in the world,

REFA has designed a professional football programme for footballers world-­‐‑ wide, the record of our founders with Southampton FC and Leicester City speaks for itself. In Valencia we also offer full time opportunities for players coaches and professionals to vastly improve both the technical and physical levels of each player. On our short tours players will get a taste of the elite level programme delivered by recognised professional coaches to improve their fitness, technical skills and tactical awareness.

We are delighted with this exclusive agreement with REFA and MGC Sports, whether you come with us for a short 7 – 10 day tour or stay for 10 months we are sure you will enjoy an experience that will last a lifetime.

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Sport Marketing التسويق الرياضي

SM mixالرياضة اصبحت علم وصناعة وتعد احد اهم الروافد الاقتصادية للدول والمدن المختلفه نحو تنمية مستدامة عند وجود رؤية ومختصين في العلوم المختلفة منها علم التسويق وتحديدا التسويق الرياضي. التسويق الرياضي يركز على تعزيز المناسبات الرياضية والترويج للمنتجات والخدمات من خلال الأحداث الرياضية والمنتخبات والأندية  واللاعبين والمدن. مثل باقي أنواع التسويق الاخرى، التسويق الرياضي يقوم بالترويج للمنتجات او الخدمات أو العلامات التجارية او اللاعبين والمدن التي يمكن ربطها بالرياضة. يهدف التسويق الرياضي الى وضع استراتيجيات تساعد في تعزيز الصورة الذهنية للمناسبة الرياضية او النادي الرياضي وجعل المشجع او العميل يكون اكثر معرفة وحب وتشجيع لهذه الرياضة. كما يساعد التسويق الرياضي في تعزيز خدمات ومنتجات اخرى غير الرياضة ولكن من خلال المجال الرياضة.

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Fan Engagement in Saudi ALJ League

fanpic aljIn the latest researches, we have recognised for several years that sport is part of ENTERTAINMENT. The market now is really sports, fashion and music. Businesses, sport clubs, sport authorities, and consultants can’t expect to ignore reality and survive. As sport becomes more of entertainment to the fans and with the fast changes in the sport industry, we expect that the next 5 years of football in Saudi Arabia will make the best prepared clubs to get stronger and the hesitant will stumble and fall. Saudi has been ranked 10th in interest of engaging in Football and 4th in participating in Football globally according to recent study. Read more

المغربي: الخصخصة ستبعد شخصيات رياضية معروفة

جدة: عبدالسلام الشهري 2016-01-17SPL     

الخصخصة حل لمشكلة ديون الأندية (الوطن)

مع اقتراب إعلان تخصيص الأندية السعودية رسميا، والمتوقع أن يتم تنفيذه في منتصف العام الحالي بداية بالأندية الجماهيرية، يترقب الوسط الرياضي الدور الذي سيلعبه أعضاء شرف الأندية مع إقرار هذه المرحلة التي ستشكل منعطفا تاريخيا في الرياضة السعودية، بيد أن خبير التسويق والاستثمار الرياضي، الدكتور طلال المغربي، توقع ابتعاد كثير من الشخصيات الرياضية المعروفة في حال لم يشتر أصحابها حصصا من أسهم أنديتهم، مبينا أنه باستثناء إقدامهم على تلك الخطوة سيعتمد استمرارهم على رغبة المالك في عدم الظهور والحضور، وبالتالي ربما يضع عضو شرف ممثلا له، كما يفعل الأمير عبدالله بن مساعد حاليا في نادي شيفيلد يونايتد الإنجليزي الذي يمتلك النصيب الأكبر من أسهمه بوضع جيمس فيبس ممثلا له. Read more

Creative Interpersonal Skills in the Field of Sports, Jeddah

Part of its strategy and to enhance Sport Marketing and Sport Knowledge, MarCom Academy and its partner FOOTY (sport experts in UK) is proud to join Tattweer the Sport Development Company and Sport Consultancy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in delivering a two days workshop entitled “Creative Interpersonal Skills in the Field of Sports“. Read more

Overseas football fans visiting Britain now at 800,000

_85454242_fans_gettyThe number of overseas fans visiting Britain to watch top-flight football rose to 800,000 in 2014 and brought in almost £700m, according to research.

Most fans came from the Republic of Ireland (121,000), with Norway (93,000), Sweden (58,000) and the United States (53,000) next.

Old Trafford and Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium were the most popular venues, both receiving 109,000 visits each.

Premier League chief Richard Scudamore said the rise was “very encouraging”.

However, football supporters groups said the figures, released by tourism body Visit Britain, underlined concerns they have about the make-up of fans in stadiums, ticket prices and club identity. Read more

Do you know where Is Your Club In Foreign Visitors?

London – By Mike McCarthy, North Of England Correspondent

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Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.33.36 am

Some 800,000 overseas visitors went to a football match last year – up by 6% on 2010 – and usually spend more than other tourists.


A new study has found football is playing an increasing role in attracting overseas tourists to Britain. Read more

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