Consultant Team

Consultant Team

Dr. Talal Al-maghrabi (BSc, MBA, PhD, MCIM)
Founder and Director, UK
Area Of Expertise: Marketing and e-commerce Strategy; e-Consumer Behaviour; Online Shopping; Marketing Research; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Marketing Communication; Relationship Marketing; CRM; Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty; Loyalty Programs, Airlines and Tourism.
  Prof. Charles Dennis (Chartered Marketer, FCIM, Associate Editor (Retailing) of the European Journal of Marketing)
Professor of Marketing and Retailing and Director of Research
Lincoln Business School, University of Lincoln, UK
Director, UK
Areas of Expertise: e-retailing; e-Shopping; e-Consumer Behaviour; Shopping Malls; Consumer Shopping Behaviour; Marketing and e-commerce Strategy; Marketing Research; Customer Satisfaction.
  Prof. Michael Bourlakis
Professor in Marketing, Head of the Marketing & Supply Chain Management Group
Brunel Business School, UK
Areas of Expertise: Retail Logistics, Food Supply Chain Management, Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management, E-Business Operations.
Chiara Prof. Chiara Mauri
Professor in Marketing
The Head of the Department of Economics and Political Sciences
Valle d’Aosta University, Italy
Area of Expertise: Product Management,  Marketing in SME’s, Brand Management, Retail & Channel Marketing.
  Prof. Sue Vaux Halliday
Professor in Marketing
University of Hertfordshire, UK
Area of Expertise: Strategic, Design and enable implementation of market development plans, Understanding of public and private sectors, How to link to consumer needs and the effect of having a range of stakeholders in a complex service setting, Design, advice and support for professional development in service delivery innovation relationship marketing (Trust, Branding, Customer identification/shared values), Service innovation (Implementation, Culture Change).
  Prof: Talaat Asaad Abdel-Hamid
Professor of Marketing
Mansoura University, Egypt
Areas of Expertise: Marketing Research, Marketing Planning & Strategy, Effective Marketing, Selling Techniques, Advertising Management & Sales Promotion, Banking Management.
  Dr. Mohammed ALsulaiman
Consultant in Human Development
Regional Manager, Saudi Arabia
Areas of Expertise: Human Personal Development, Effective Personal Leadership, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Teamwork.
  Dr. Barakat D. Al-Wegyian
Media Advisor and Consultant in the Arab and GCC Region Kuwait
Area of expertise: Media Consultant, Journalist and T.V Presenter.
  Dr. Raed Algharabat
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Faculty of Business
The University Of Jordan, Jordan
Manager, Jordan
Area Of Expertise: Marketing research, consumer behaviour, e-retailing, online shopping, online marketing strategy and implementation, Virtual Shopping Malls.
  Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Basahel
Assistant Professor
King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
Area of expertise: Information Systems (IS) strategy, IS evaluation, E-commerce, Strategic management and planning, Project Management.
  Mr. Fareed Eshky
Business Consultant
Manager – Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia
Areas of Expertise: International Trade and Development, Loyalty Programme, bring international companies into the Saudi market and vice versa – introducing Saudi companies to international markets, travel and tourism, Hotels Management and Exhibitions.
  Mr. Mike Donald
Educational Consultant
Area of expertise: Project Management (Project organization, Scheduling, Time management), Performance management (assessment, tracking and target setting), Curriculum development.
  Dr. Fawaz Ali Al-Husainan
Assistant Professor and Research Director
Areas of Expertise: Economics, Marketing and Business Studies.
  Dr. Sajed M. Al-Mutaira
Occupation Health Specialist
Areas of Expertise: Human Development Trainer, Social Media and Marketing Experts, Health Management.
wajdi Mr. Wajdi Al-Maghrabi
Director of Finance & Budget Affairs in Security Forces Hospital
Makkah, Saudi Arabia
International Business and Accountant Consultant
Area of Expertise: Business Financial Analysis, Accounting and budgeting, Problem solving.
maher pic Maher Gasim (BSc, MBA/MIS, MRes)Maher has a diverse background and long practical experience (15 years) in the aviation industry. He holds two BSc degrees in Engineering and Management and a Master in Business Administration and a Master in Research in Management. He joined the academic arena in 2009 and became a lecturer in the Business Department at Taibah University; College of Business Administration. He has been continuously recognised for his dedication and ability to resolve complex problems. He has worked in many consulting projects. Currently he is pursuing his PhD degree in Management while undertaking consulting projects in the areas of Management, Organisational Change and HRM. He is a member of the British Academy of Management (BAM), Marketing and Communication Academy (MarCom Academy), and International Training and Development Academy (ITDA).
  Dr. Faris Al-Sobhi
e-Business and e-Government Researcher and Consultant
Areas of Expertise: (e)-Business Adoption, (e)- government Implementation, Diffusion, and Adoption, e-Business and e-Government.
  Dr. Talhat Alhaiou
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Marketing Consultant
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Area of Expertise: Internet Marketing, Online Consumer Behaviour.
  Mrs. Abeer BinAli
Educational Consultant
Area of expertise: Curriculum and Education Planning Development, teaching method and technique, learning and behaviour changes among young generation, youth behaviour development, Training and workshops in childhood and youth development and behaviour changes.
  Dr. Saleh Fadel Bukhari (BEng, MEng, AM)
e-Commerce and Social Media Professional and PhD researcher
UK and Saudi Arabia
Area of expertise: eCommerce solutions, Internet Marketing, System Analysis, Online Payments, Online booking engines, Social Media, Automation, Self service, Software Engineering, C2B, B2B, and airlines online services.


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