Current and Past Issues


Current and Past Issues



International Journal of Management and Marketing Academy (IJMMA) – ISSN: 2048-8807


Volume 2 / Issue 1, 2014  Download Issue

Title and Authors Pages Paper
Developing and Assessing Transferable Skills in Higher Education (Charles Dennis, Calvin Smith and David Wadsworth) 1-25
Languages and Economy in the Globalization Era in a Multilingual Territory- the case of the Valley of Aosta (Gabriella Vernetto) 26-40
Challenges and Issues Hindering Innovation in UK Universities (Abdulrahman Hariri and Paul Roberts) 41-54
Purchase Intention Of Counterfeits An Empirical Research In Albania (Aulona Ulqinaku and Chiara Mauri) 51-81


Volume 1 / Issue 2, 2013  Download Issue

Title and Authors Pages Paper
The Relationship Between national Culture and Organisational Effectiveness: The Case Iranian Private Sector Organisations
(Alireza Nazarian and Peter Atkinson)
What Drives Mobile Commerce? An Empirical Evaluation of the Revised UTAUT Model (AbdulMohsin Alkhunaizan and Steve Love) 82-99
A Review of Teacher Job Satisfaction: An Annotated Bibliography (Fatemah Alhazmi) 100-105
TTF and TAM in Online Shopping: An Integrated Model (Samia Al-Mehmadi and Talal Al-Maghrabi) 106-125
Proposing a Distributed Risk Management Process Model for Dynamic Environment in an IT Industry (Mohammad Alem and Hussain Zedan) 126-142


Volume 1 / Issue 1, 2012  Download Issue

Title and Authors Pages Paper
Job satisfaction among female head teachers in Saudi Arabian secondary schools: a qualitative perspective (Fatemah Alhazmi) 1-12
Shoppers’ Motivations in Choices of Shopping Centres (Charles Dennis and Tamira King) 13-31
Factors affecting consumer acceptance of  mobile services in the airline sector : the case of Saudi Arabia (Mohammed Algethmi and Rebecca De Coster) 32-49
Modelling 3D Product Visualisation for the Online Retail Atmospherics (Raed Algharabat and Charles Dennis) 50-72




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