Special Interest Groups

MarCom Academy Special Interest Groups

MarCom Academy Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are established to represent a community that is relevant to MarCom Academy research and consultation aims. Individual SIGs strengthen the intellectual component at MarCom Academy and are responsible for developing the objectives of the MarCom Academy within a defined area of marketing and communication studies related academics and organizations. MarCom Academy and its SIGs frequently establish both interdisciplinary international orientations and encourage collaborative links with other relevant professional groups in UK and Middle East. Through its SIGs, MarCom Academy is able to foster support for emerging areas of research and members gain opportunities to cross boundaries, develop new contacts, share ideas and expand research communities. We therefore think that active engagement with the SIGs is key to getting the most out of your MarCom Academy group.

SIGs take the lead in managing the programme at the annual MarCom Academy conference by hosting tracks, participation in the Doctoral Symposium and holding special meetings. They are also responsible for organizing separate events and workshops throughout the year which help to raise awareness of MarCom Academy more widely and globally.
All MarCom Academy members are entitled to free membership of any SIGs; this means by joining the Academy people gain access to a unique set of networks. Thus, get involved and Share your Knowledge.

SIGs provide regular information about their activities to the wider MarCom Academy membership via the Newsletter and website with each SIG having its own section within the site. Some have disseminated the outputs of SIG related research in special issues of peer reviewed IJMMA journal.

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