London 8 Muharram 1435 AH corresponding to November 1, 2014, SPA

Saudi Media Club in the United Kingdom hold its third forum under the title “Building the Journalist Characters” which was attended by the Saudi Arabia Permanent Representative to UNESCO, Dr. Ziad Aldrees.

The three session on the forum were “the importance of the cultural factor in building a media profile” and “the future of television in light of competition and social media” and “media personal between constituents and the challenges the composition” and “ways to take advantage of the means of communication media to serve the media and the community causes.”

On in a paper presented during the first session, Dr. Ziad Aldrees speeches focused on the media culture throughout the ages, pointing out that the tariffs between the media and intellectuals went through several stages were in the former media know that the person who transmits the information and published by The Bookworm is one who knows all the art party, an old definition is the stage in the evolution of the median is that the media is the one who makes the information which is either cultured or analysed or separated.

Dr. Aldrees added that with the openness and the information revolution and the emergence of cultural diplomacy concept dwindled so much difference between the media and intellectuals, and inferred that the use of intellectuals and social platforms of expression, such as the use of “Twitter” and others making the dividing line between the media and intellectuals are very thin and possibly turning to overlap.

Dr. Aldrees also pointed to the importance of the media discovers that media bias and specialty flour, which is consistent with the tendency of media, whether in the field of writing or the transfer of information and often branched in all disciplines because it can not be highlighted in all areas.

Dr. Aldrees pointed in his speech the cultural component in the field of work practiced by the media and can chosen through field knowledge or literacy knowledge or through internal tendencies that will be felt by reading and practice, in addition to multiple readings and follow what is happening around them can be determined pleasure in the exercise of cultural vision of media work, “stressing that it is not the media that the conditions for the success, but the media is failing, because the media personal/journalists has no knowledge of any culture.


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