IMG_3268(London, Nov 1, 2014) During the 3rd Saudi Journalist Forum in London, The UK Marketing and Communication Academy (MarCom) and on the behalf of its Board Director Prof. Charles Dennis, MarCom Academy presented a Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation to Mr. Fayez Almalki in great recognition for outstanding performance and achievement in the area of Communication and Social Contribution. Mr. Almalki is entitled to all rights and privileges afforded by membership in this association. Mr. Almalki, 3.4 Millions followers in Twitter, has been known for his song support in all good-well causes in the community. Mr. Almalki, a Saudi actor, gives the expensive car Bentley (800,000 Saudi Riyals) to 15-year-old Yousuf, who lost parents and two sisters in a horrific car crash, gets 800,000 Saudi Riyals gift from Fayez AlMalki. 

Fayez Al Malki was at a hospital and decided to visit Yousuf Al Ansari after he heard the 15-year-old boy was the sole survivor of the crash in which his family was killed. The family was heading towards the Saudi capital Riyadh when the tragedy happened.

During the conversation, Al Malki, seeking to ease Yousuf’s pain, asked him if he needed anything. The teenager said that he wanted the Bentley car that the actor had received as a gift from Saudi business tycoon Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal. Al Malki agreed and told him he could contact the agency and take the car, estimated to cost 800,000 Saudi riyals, explaining that it was still with them. However, Yousuf protested, saying that he was only joking with the actor. “No, you take it,” Al Malki said. “It was a gift to me from a generous man and since you are a generous young man, I am offering it to you,” the actor reportedly said. “It makes me really happy to see you smile.”

The 3rd Saudi Journalist Forum in LondonUnder the patronage of HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf, Ambassador of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United Kingdom.

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