London 25 Sep 2015

MarCom Academy is now the Media Partner for the Gulf Education Scholarship Program Conference that taking place in London between 16-17 November 2015.

Under the Gulf Education umbrella, Working in partner UKUD – International Educational Conference are launching this event in response to the fast-paced, and progressive changes being made by the GCC Ministries and leading employers across the region regarding scholarship and employment policies and opportunities as part of each country’s national workforce development programmes. Ensuring that each programme delivers the accurate requirement for each geographical area in terms of of qualified manpower and balanced development.

This event will address and clarify via discussion, presentations and meetings:

  • The new positioning of the scholarship programmes throughout the GCC and address the challenges and benefits that these create.
  • Identify fields of high quality education and the required specialties according to the priorities of development in the region and within each country.
  • Identification and clarification of the current labor market disciplines and requirement, whilst also reviewing the niche and speciality areas that are of priority to each.
  • Promote quality and excellence in the values of the outputs of the GCC Scholarships Programmes.
  • Explore the link between the capabilities of the candidates for the programmes and the appropriate functional areas for them.
  • Expand disciplines and the academic levels in the GCC Scholarship programmes to ensure best return on investment throughout.
  • Keep pace with rapid changes and requirements of development, ensuring a strengthened competitiveness of the GCC Scholarship programmes, and that they are of the same level as more developed programmes globally.
  • Saudi Arabia: Determine the career opportunities that will be prioritized and given focus within the sectors of development, under the Patronage of “Your Job and Your Scholarship” King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Programme.


  • Head of Scholarships and Training in GCC in all Ministries, Universities, Academic Institutes and Colleges.
  • Head of Scholarships and Training from
    • Oil and Gas companies
    • Airlines and Travel Companies
    • Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centres
    • Banks and Financial Institutions
    • Insurance Companies
  • Further professional training and employability experts.

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