By Dr. Talal Almaghrabi (MarCom Academy)

Prof. Charles Dennis (Middlesex University)


This study proposes a model of e-shopping continuance intentions combining the revised technology acceptance model and expectation confirmation theory, measuring student gender differences with regard to continuance online shopping intentions in Saudi Arabia. The results of an online survey (n = 234, 61.5% women, 38.5% men) are used in a structural equation model that confirms fit. Perceived usefulness, enjoyment, and subjective norms are determinants of online shopping continuance in Saudi Arabia. The structural weights are largely equivalent, but the paths from subjective norms to enjoyment and subjective norms to continuance intention (men) and perceived usefulness to continuous intention (women) are not supported.
The main contribution is to move beyond intentions to continuance. The model explains 71% of the intention to continue shopping online.
The results suggest that online strategies cannot ignore gender differences on continuance intentions. The model can be generalised across the main commercial regions of Saudi Arabia.

Keywords: internet shopping; e-shopping; technology acceptance; male and female examination; continuance online shopping; Saudi Arabia, gender.


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