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aims to provide our clients with real benefits, rather than simply selling ‘solutions’ as our research is produced in the context of practice.

Marketing and Communication Academy (MarCom Academy) has a wealth of experience that allows us to help our key consumers and clients understand both the challenges and the potential solutions available for any project we’re involved in.

At MarCom Academy,

and CONSULTATION into Creative and Practical Techniques with Applied Solutions to remain leaders in our field. MarCom Academy success is assessed by the extent to which knowledge is co‐created and used in practice.

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MarCom can help your business to develop or improve its marketing strategy and ensure its growth. MarCom services are all based around your business need; MarCom experts will listen to you, work to understand your business and help you get the best of your investment to compete in strong market.

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UK - MENA Business Knowledge & Insights

We Offer a Professional Marketing and Communication Services, Training and Record of Experience that is Unparalleled in Our Area

Tesla's biggest problem is that it's selling the wrong car

Tesla is easily the most successful new car company to come along in decades. You have to go back to Henry Ford and his little enterprise, a century ago, to find anything comparable. And Elon Musk's electric-car maker is moving fast. In less than 10 years, Tesla has...

SBMMA & MarCom visit to Cambridge Enterprise

SBMMA & MarCom visit to Cambridge Enterprise

(London, 4 Feb, 2015) A delegate from the Saudi-British Marketing and Management Association in London headed by Dr. Talal Almaghrabi, SBMMA Chairman, and Dr. Hassan Almahdi, Jazan University in Saudi Arabia, has visited one of the world leading educational institute,...

How to Manage Twitter Content Effectively?

The Saudi Journalist Club in United Kingdom in association with the UK Marketing and Communication Academy (MarCom) are launching a new workshop in 2015 titled "How to Manage Twitter Content Effectively?". The workshop will take-place in Manchester (14 Feb 2015), and...

Focus Entrepreneurship Policy on Scale-Up, Not Start-Up

Would you allocate more of society’s resources to giving birth to more babies or to raising children well? Now, think about enterprise creation and the challenge of economic growth. Societies’ leaders need to rebalance entrepreneurship policy towards scale, not start....

Eng. Eshky and MarCom at World Muslimah Forum 2014

(London, Nov 14, 2014) For the second time, Eng. Fareed Eshky, UK Marketing and Communication Academy (MarCom) Manager for the Far-East, is invited you to the “World Muslimah Forum 2014” scheduled at 19 November 2014 which will be held at Grand Ballroom East Parc...

UK - MENA Business Knowledge & Cultural

  • Understand and broaden your business and cultural knowledge
  • Customer experience research
  • Workshop facilitation and training
  • Identify the right communications channels for brands
  • Discover the behaviours of your audience base
  • Engage consumers with culture in new ways
  • Develop and implement multi-channel strategies
  • Translate data into insights for your marketing strategy and brand

MarCom Academy Professional Services

  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Sport Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Innovation Programs
  • Research & Development
  • Societal Development
  • Marketing Communication
  • Market Segmentation
  • Event Management

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