Why Join

It is all about understanding YOU!

Benefits of membership:

From doctoral students to academics, professionals and organizations, MarCom Academy provides a wide range of services, trainings, guest speakers in special interest groups, consultations and networking opportunities for people at all stages.

In Association with Saudi British Marketing & Management Association (SBMMA) and International Journal of Marketing & Management Academy (IJMMA) you can join events, conferences, receive conference calls papers.

MarCom Academy Career Development:

MarCom Academy’s year-round Training and development activities incorporate the expertise of leading professionals and academics, providing the best possible platform for you to develop your business and academic research techniques.

MarCom Academy offers an excellent forum for new research clusters or groupings, as well as the advancement of more established groupings.

Networking opportunities:

A great meeting opportunities with MarCom guest speakers, events and conferences. MarCom is a great way to get to know leading directors, organizations, key experts and academics in your field, as well as improving your visibility and standing within the business and academic community.

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