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In the latest researches, we have recognized for several years that sport is part of ENTERTAINMENT. The market now is really sports, fashion and music. Businesses, sport clubs, sport authorities, and consultants can’t expect to ignore reality and survive. As sport becomes more of entertainment to the fans and with the fast changes in the sport industry, we expect that the next 5 years of football in Saudi Arabia will make the best prepared clubs to get stronger and the hesitant will stumble and fall.

Our Sport Marketing Program will cover the following subjects:

  • The business of sport
  • The Road Map to Understanding Marketing in sport industry
  • Branding (Club, Players, Staff)
  • Fans Care to Loyalty
  • Building Fan Engagement
  • How to leverage best practice to generate sponsorship and investment
  • Attracting investment and Generating Sponsorship
  • Reasons why sponsors will sign-up and investors will step in


Other subjects that are recommended for each club Marketing Manager and the investment team would include:

  • Prioritizing and Planning the development of your club
  • Leading the club Change with Success
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers in sport industry
  • Creating Great Leadership
  • Project Management in sport industry
  • Lean Management in sport
  • Team building on and off the pitch


Our experts at MarCom will illustrate to participants the latest trends in Sport Marketing and provide them with the technological solutions to have the competitive-edge advantage on the sport business.

As long-term strategy, MarCom Academy will work with your club and other authorities to raise the knowledge of understanding sport through the different academic and scientific disciplines. Furthermore, our understanding of sport and science would to build a clear and easy to implement strategy to engage and entertain fans, understand their behaviours, generate more investment and cash flow for the clubs through state of the art technology and out of the box thinking.


As pioneer in Marketing and Loyalty, MarCom and its strategic partner (websand) have developed the first Sport Social Loyalty Program (to make sport and respect part of fans lifestyle) and Sport Loyalty Program in GCC (to bring continuance knowledge, benefits to fans and cash to clubs and Professional Leagues).


MarCom experts are happy to have official meeting with sports authorities and clubs to explore these concepts.

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