MarCom Academy Training and Development

Training is vital to any organisational and personal development and growth plans. MarCom Academy places emphasis on training and development activities for personal skills and to support all our services. At MarCom Academy, we like to push boundaries and explore new things. We aim to get the best out of your skills; to be tailored and unique so you can be certain you’ll have something no one has ever had before.

The MarCom Academy is continuing to run a comprehensive series of training and development sessions as customized training to organizations and academics. MarCom Academy includes very successful research series workshops in Managing Research, Writing Proposals, Writing for Journal Publication, How to write a successful PhD thesis (From A to Z), Conducting and Building a Research Model, The Art of Developing and Analyzing PhD Questionnaire, Effective Personal Management, Strategic Leadership, Secret of Success, and many marketing and communications series.

MarCom Academy is very fortunate to be able to draw on the expertise of a number of members, such as Prof. Charles Dennis, director of research and Prof. of Marketing at Lincoln University, to help design and execute the various events we offer.

Analysing Learning Needs

MarCom Academy understands the importance of finding the right training, allowing trainees to establish and build a connection in an environment that is supportive and geared towards updating and expanding knowledge and skills capabilities. We recognise that training and knowledge are essential parts of any business and personal development. We work with businesses and individuals to assess their learning needs, considering a range of factors, including previous experience and type of training required. We use this information as the basis for our training proposal for the further spreading of knowledge.

Delivering Courses

Our training experts at MarCom Academy are able to deliver an extensive range of courses in a focused environment, and one that will help you get the most from the course material. Alternatively, let us come to you – our training experts have extensive experience of training both nationally and internationally, and are suitably accredited as trainers, consultants and product/service specialists.

Exceeding Expectations

MarCom Academy aims to help you to exceed your expectations, providing a friendly, reliable and cost-effective training service. We can help you to learn new skills from scratch, refresh existing skills for a current or new role, and taking you to a new leadership role. We feel certain that both our customised training and our delivery will always impress, providing you with a 100% positive learning experience.

Training Accreditation

MarCom Academy is a professional awarding body for Business Development. MarCom Academy provides accreditation certificate for suitable trainers, training materials, and training centres in the public and private sector organisations.

Contact MarCom Academy for the Accreditation process and to get more details.