MarCom Academy Professional Services

Marketing Consultancy

  • Ensure clients receive the right ingredients for success
  • Develop marketing strategy for your company and brand
  • Liaises with client’s managers to determine the range of goods or services to be sold
  • Customise marketing communication strategy

Marketing Communication and Segmentation

  • Enabled clients to reach millions of households
  • Produces reports and recommendations concerning marketing and sales strategies
  • Conceives advertising campaign to impart the desired product image in an effective and economical way

Social Media

  • Help brand improve its presence or generate interest in a new product/market
  • Identify industry influencers and future brand advocates to build a passionate fan base that is active and regularly shares your content across their circles of friends
  • Social media strategy and reporting to help identify and inform future activity in your social circles as well as across all marketing channels

Sport Marketing

  • Sport Marketing Strategy
  • Fan Engagement
  • Sport Loyalty Programs
  • Sport Digital Media
  • Sport Branding
  • Player Personal Branding

Societal Development

  • Building creative social responsibility initiatives
  • Raise branding awareness through social marketing strategy
  • Enriching life

Nation Branding and City Marketing

  • Nation Branding Philosophies
  • Develop Nation Branding Strategy
  • Developing Knowledge for Stakeholders to Understand the Value to the Destination (Country)
  • Developing Distinguished City Marketing with its characteristics and opportunities
  • City Cultural Marketing
  • Sport as City Destination Branding

Business Knowledge & Cultural Insights

  • Helping businesses to understand business cultures in MENA – UK
  • Broaden business and cultural knowledge
  • Customer experience research
  • Workshop facilitation and training
  • Identify the communications channels that are right for you
  • Discover the behaviours of your audience base
  • Develop and implement multi-channel strategies

Event Management

  • Arrange and Manage events, conferences, exhibitions, and seminars
  • Develop event program, sessions, and bring in international speakers that meet the conference/seminar themes
  • Media Consultation and Public Relations

Research & Development

  • Market research
  • Understanding the consumer behaviour and marketing trends
  • Collects, analyzes and understands business data and consumer needs

Loyalty Programs

  • Created programs that retain customers
  • Ensure long term loyalty
  • Understanding business and customers’ needs
  • Bring in customer added values

Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Programs

  • Developing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program
  • Developing and arranging visits to leading universities, Innovation and Entrepreneurship centres, Science Parks, incubators, new start ups in United Kingdom and Silicon Valley, USA
  • Develop training programs and seminars in innovations and entrepreneurship to businesses, chamber of commerce, educational institutes and start-ups group
  • Offers unique opportunities, linkages and collaborations for business, scientists and educational institutes with Knowledge Transfer, Networking, Research Collaborations, Workshops, Conferences, and Academic Publication