UK Marketing and Communication Academy (MarCom Academy) has a wealth of experience that allows us to help our key consumers and clients understand both the challenges and the potential solutions available for any project we’re involved in. We aim to provide our clients with real benefits, rather than simply selling ‘solutions’ as our research is produced in the context of practice.

MarCom Accumulative experience in different industries provided us with deep understanding and insight of the issues that businesses’ faces which helping us to develop innovative marketing and communication strategies.

At MarCom Academy, we TRANSFORM our RESEARCH and CONSULTATION into Creative and Practical Techniques with Applied Solutions to remain leaders in our field. MarCom Academy success is assessed by the extent to which knowledge is co‐created and used in practice.

MarCom Academy has the following objectives to achieve its overall aim

  • Pro-active engagement with research to the benefit of business, policy maker, management community, society, and customer.
  • Pursue activities and policies which further the professional development of our society and business.
  • Development and delivery of training aimed at enhancing human and skills development.
  • Bridge the knowledge gap between the West and the Arab World.
  • Promote the marketing of education, sustainable business and human development.
  • Encourage  positive relationship between the requirements of business practice and academic discipline in UK and Middle East.
  • Act as a link between UK and Middle East to apply best business practice and academic research.

Who MarCom Help

Whether you’re Startup, Small Business, Educational Institute, Sport Industry, or non-profit organization, good MARKETING Knowledge is required to grow your business, acquire new customers, or retain and satisfy your customer to keep your business keep moving forward.

We can help your business to develop or improve its marketing strategy and ensure its growth. MarCom services are all based around your business need. Our experts will listen to you, work to understand your business and help you get the best of your investment to compete in strong market.

  • Start-Up 30% 30%
  • Expanding the Business Opportunity into the GCC 60% 60%
  • University, College, and School Strategies 50% 50%
  • Sport Marketing and Fan Engagement 90% 90%
  • Event Management 40% 40%


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