Attended by Hajj authorities and travel operators (venue Olympia London May 21-22, 2013), hotels and others, in association with the Saudi & British Marketing and Management Association [SBMMA] and Dr. Talal Al – Maghrabi, CEO,Marketing and Communication Academy [MARCOM], Roger Waplington, Director, Leadership Management International UK [LMI – UK], gave a 2 hour presentation on:

  • Leadership Needs In Today’s Global Economy
  • Breaking Through the Success Barrier
  • The Power of Goal Setting

Roger’s opening remarks that set the tone for the presentations were:

“It really is a privilege and an honour for me to be given the opportunity to speak to you all today about Leadership and to be able to share with you the approach of LMI – UK on how we can all develop ourselves as better leaders and for you to think about how you can start from where you stand today to realise your future true potential.

The good news for all of us here today is that we are all leaders and we have experienced success in its many different forms. The question we must all ask ourselves is how can we learn and apply the way we think and act so as to become total leaders and to think about what further success we want for ourselves, our families, our organisations and the people we lead.

It is said that there are 3 types of people:

  • Those that make things happen
  • Those that watch what happens
  • And those who wonder what has happened

Wherever we are now, we need to be able to continually develop ourselves to make things happen and I will show you how you can adopt the right leadership habits to do this.

You may all have come to listen to me today to find out what leadership is and how it differs from management. You may want to find out why there is a leadership gap in the world right now and how we can reduce that gap. Or you just may want to discover how you can become more successful by being more certain about the goals you have the desire to achieve.

Our history is littered with leaders who have changed the world in which they have lived and transformed people’s lives. As Winston Churchill said “The Empires of the Future Are the Empires of Our Mind”

These leaders have dealt with and focused upon: Progress, Growth and Change. But many people still question – “Is change necessary? Are not some organisations sound in structure, attitude and spirit? Are not some businesses doing well enough as they are?”

In many cases this is certainly true but the problem is that the environment in which these organisations operate is constantly changing. Leaders, team members and their organisations must change to meet it….. or face being swept away by leaders, followers and institutions that answer the call of change and grow to meet the demands of the times.

Highly effective leaders react to changing times and conditions in a pro –active way. The end result is that their organisations are always one step ahead and have the “slight edge”.

Today, those organisations that are a step behind will be left to wither away. Whether the end is sharp and quick or whether it is a slow lingering demise the outcome is still the same.

Like it or not we as leaders are faced with the awesome responsibility and mandate of change.

So now as I speak to you, we have the opportunity together to think about these issues and as a result I hope it will arouse in you a time in your life just now to think about your own development as a leader and to think about where you stand now, where you are headed and how you are going to accomplish your goals.

During the presentation Mr Roger:

  • Outlined the leadership gaps that we are experiencing in the new global economy and the need for a changing paradigm of leadership.
  • Shared LMI approach to developing leaders, the key aspects of the “Total Leader Concept” and our programmes that support it and for you to understand what success is.
  • Shared the process  that will illustrate the “Power of Goal Setting”

Mr. Roger always believed that the reason people fail is that they either don’t start or don’t finish or they don’t anticipate the future and change. We hope that the program motivated you to get started on a new road towards success and that you will be encouraged to start to learn and action new leadership habits that will sustain you through both the good and changing times ahead.”


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